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  • 2 x individual honor vending boxes.
  • Fill these honor vending boxes with candy and then place them in high-traffic locations such as restaurants, beauty salons, and auto shops. Customers will place money into the slot for each piece of candy. Collect your money every month and refill your honor box with more candy. 
  • Easy side-hustle that earns a steady stream of extra income.
  • We only sell the honor boxes as a pack of 2 boxes, because when you collect your money and refill your honor box with candy every month, it is easier to enter a store with a second honor box that is pre-filled with candy to swap with your first honor box. Instead of taking the money out and adding candy in front of customers, which might annoy the business owner. 
  • These honor vending boxes are branded as charity honor boxes, where a portion of the money you earn should be donated to a charity. 
  • You will receive our Free Guide on where to put your honor boxes, script on how to ask a business to place your honor box, and how to donate to charities.
  • Candy and locations are not included.
  • Honor boxes are delivered flat and will need to be folded into shape, watch our easy ~1min folding video above.
  • Free shipping!

2 Pack of Honor Vending Boxes

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