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Best Side Hustle to make
Extra Money on your schedule

Start your own Low Cost Business today with Candy Honor Boxes

Candy Honor Boxes

Candy Honor Box

Step 1

Buy your honor boxes and candy.

Step 2

Place your candy filled boxes at local small businesses such as restaurants, beauty salons, auto shops, ...

Step 3

Earn Extra Money every month after collecting cash from the sold candy. Then refill with more candy, and donate a portion of profits to charity. 

Step 4

Scale your business to Make Hundreds of Dollars per Month with a route of multiple honor box locations.


Honor Box Vending
What We Do

Get 10% OFF your first order and our FREE GUIDE on:

  • Where to put your honor boxes?

  • Script on how to ask a business to place your honor box?

  • Where to buy cheap candy?

  • How to donate to charities?

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Free Guide

Extra Money

Earn a steady stream of extra cash from minimal part-time work. Just check on your placed honor boxes every couple of weeks to collect your money and refill with candy, no maintenance required like large vending machines.


Due to the low cost and small size of the honor boxes, it is much easier to place 10 honor boxes than 10 heavy vending machines. Grow your business to earn hundreds of dollars per month by easily adding more honor boxes to more locations.

Low-Cost Business

Learn how to start your own vending business without committing thousands for expensive heavy vending machines. Learn how to start and build relationships with small business owners and to test the traffic of locations for future vending machines. 

Great Investment

Due to the high profit margins of ~80% per candy piece, you can typically make your initial investment back in the first 1-2 months. Most businesses take years to make their money back. Low investment risk!


Enjoy being your own boss and run your honor box vending business when you want to. Set up and collect your honor boxes around your schedule.

Business Model

How much can I actually make with honor boxes?


  • Honor vending box cost: $18-25 per box          (larger quantity packs are cheaper)

  • Candy cost: ~$0.10 cents per piece


  • Candy profit: ~$0.40 cents per piece

  • Average single honor box that sells 1-3 candy pieces per day could make your initial investment back in 1-2 months.

  • Scaling up to 10 honor boxes could make $120-$360 profit per month.

Honor Candy Boxes

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We respond daily to any questions to support your vending business journey from a few boxes to a large route earning hundreds of dollars per month.

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